"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go"
T. S. Eliot

Friday, July 14, 2017

BeastPacing @ Omaha

I learned about BeastPacing.com and decided to join them. Fortunately, I will be able to run the Omaha Nebraska Marathon on September 17. That's about three weeks after the Mexico City Marathon. I plan to pace the 4 hr 40 min group. I am sure I can finish a marathon in that pace group (about 10:40 min/mile). But, I am not sure how much training I need to do. Hopefully, I will figure it out. We shall see. I am excited. 

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

4th of July

I am writing this blog one day after the 4th of July. Got to see my daughter and she made my day as usual.
I have been thinking about my running after volunteering at the Fifth Season Races in Cedar Rapids and signing up for the Mexico City Marathon. The question I keep hearing is, why do you run?
A quick answer is I run because I want to stay fit and healthy. But, there are more deep thoughts about this.
I run because I experience something deeper when I run. It's not the adrenaline and it's not the endorphins. It's some strange feeling about connecting with other fellow runners. Isn't running an individual sport. Not really, It is more like a team sport. We help each other, we encourage each other. We keep each other accountable.

Monday, June 26, 2017

TrekFest 5K June 24, 2017

This is a small-town race in Riverside, IA, the future birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk.
The national anthem was sung and the race started at 8:00 AM. We were not given electronic chips. Fortunately, a Gator truck was leading the way to the fastest runner. There were just enough volunteers to tell the runners when they had to make a turn, which were almost twenty turns!!!

So may turns confused some of us. I believe I ran the correct course, but ended up with 2.90 miles, instead of 3.1 miles. The course was a difficult one. The race started in the south part and headed north where a hill is. The good news is that the race finished going downhill. 

There were no more than 100 runners. Medals were given to first and second place in each age category, and trophies were given to the overall winners (male and female). 
Parking:  I would say plenty of parking close to where the race starts (and ends). 
Food after the race: bananas and energy bars. 
A t-shirt was given to all participants. Nice blue cotton t-shirt. 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Marion Arts Festival Half Marathon

Wasn't sure how to get to the start line and where to park my car, but I made it. Put on my shirt with the bib number and met with Jeff and Shawn. I told them my goal was to keep a pace of 8:20 or so during the race. The gun was shot and I started following Jeff, but I saw he was going a little bit too fast for me, so I let him go and try to run my own race.

The weather was not the best. It was raining and cold. In some points of the race, the wind was hitting hard. There were more than a thousand runners, so it was easy to follow some good pacers. Realized I was going faster than my goal time, so I kept the pace and tried to do better the second half.

There were 415 runners in the half marathon (223F and 192M). I guess many runners decided not to run because of the weather conditions. Zack Baker finished in 1 hr 10 min, that's a 5:19 pace!  This guy is fast!  I wonder how much he improved in his last trip to Kenya. 


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Red Shoe Half Marathon 2017

Didn't know how fast to run this race, as usual. I met with Jeff and thought about running with him. He started too fast, first mile at 7:49 and second mile at 7:09 min/mile. I knew that was way too fast for a half marathon. But, tried to maintain the pace. Then, I saw Shawn, so I thought about keeping her pace.  She was running a little bit too fast for me. But we helped each other and stayed together until the end.
Got second place in my AG. Robert Cornell got first. Jeff got third place! He was not too far behind us. I got two medals in this race!


Monday, April 24, 2017

Kewash Nature Trail Half Marathon 2017

There were more runners this year than last's. The first part of the course was new and had to run in some streets of Washington, IA. Running on the trail was the best part.  You can feel the difference once we finish the trail and have to run on the street asphalt.

I was able to run faster this year than the previous ones. Very pleased with my time. However, the last mile was painful running uphill on the streets. 

2017       PACE: 7:45 MPM              TIME: 1:41:30     DATE: 04/23/2017
2016       PACE: 8:23 MPM              TIME: 1:49:54     DATE: 05/21/2016
2015       PACE: 8:09 MPM              TIME: 1:46:48     DATE: 06/06/2015
2014       PACE: 7:59 MPM              TIME: 1:44:40     DATE: 07/07/2014

Now, the question is, can I recover enough so that I can run well again in two weeks for the Red Shoe Half Marathon?  I need to be smart.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sunday Long Run

Training for Kewash Nature Trail Half Marathon next Saturday. I have run this race since it was started in 2014. I think I should be able to PR this race (really? faster than 8:09?).

8:23 MPM
8:09 MPM

I feel like I can do better than the last couple of years. I know, I am tired from last week. But, I guess I am pretty fit and haven't been hurt lately. Ran about 9.6 miles this morning (avg pace: 8:32 mpm). I wanted to run 8:45 pace, but it was hard. I ran faster the second half.